Chips! zine #1


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Chips! is an online publication and occasional zine that uses food to talk about all things. We publish original stories about culture & food by a club of contributors.
Chips! likes art, eating and egg yolk. Everybody eats and Chips! is for everybody.

Chips! is published by Studio H, a multi-disciplinary design studio in South Africa.


Religion and food have always been intertwined and far beyond keeping kosher or eating halal, modern society ritualises food and gives it meaning. We follow different sects religiously and testify for our beliefs in veganism or nose-to-tail.

If we’re back on the carbs, we gather to break bread. From patron saints to covert bacon to a convert’s first Ramadan; from neighbouring Bo-Kaap to temples in Bangkok, we’re excited to present our first issue: Hol(e)y.

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