Textiel Biennale at Museum Rijswijk in The Hague

Hannerie’s work Visnette(n) was selected to be part of the Textiel Biennale at Museum Rijswijk in The Hague during 2021. Upcycled fishing nets from Steenberg’s Cove in St Helena Bay found new life as multipurposed recipe tablecloths. These nets were sourced by Weskusmandjie, a collective of women fishers and harvesters who depend on the sea for their livelihoods. The women aim to restore the indigenous heritage of their community by developing and selling a range of local coastal products that draw on their cultural ecology. Inspired by the brave and generous women of Weskusmandjie, Hannerie curated a selection of family seafood recipes, plus a recipe by Hilda Adams, founder of Weskusmandjie.

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