adidas Sustainable Footwear Installation

We were briefed by Room Studio, alongside 5 other artists, to re-imagine sustainable footwear for the future for the new Adidas concept store in the Waterfront.

As a future food design studio, our approach is deeply rooted in exploring a sustainable future. With our micro mushroom farm in a shoe, we celebrate mushrooms for their ability to perform the alchemy of transforming agricultural and other organic waste into a nutritious food source. Growing mushrooms is a unique blend of recycling, science and efficacy. This powerful combination makes them one of the most sustainably produced foods in the world.

The interior of the Stan Smith shoe has been converted into a micro mushroom farm and 3-D texture was added to the exterior of the shoe by sculpting fondant and piped royal icing flavoured with dried mushroom powder. The laces are coloured with natural mushroom dye.

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