Studio H’s sustainability manifesto for 2020

In an effort to be more mindful, more conscious and more engaged, we’ve come up with a sustainability manifesto that we’re going to employ for all business practices and events going forward. Here, we’ve listed the 10 ways we’ll be doing our best to be our best in the future.

  1. In a move to be more plant-focused, we will  propose that at least 50% of all our client menus are meatless. Where meat and fish is served we will suggest ethically sourced produce and suppliers.
  2. At events, all waste including food scraps will be composted and/or recycled.
  3. At food tastings and events, all left over food and ingredients will be donated.
  4. At the office, we only allow reusable beverage containers and aim to eliminate the use of single-use food packaging.
  5. At events, no single use or non-recyclable plastic wrap will be allowed.
  6. When transporting and storing items, all existing bubble wrap will be recycled and reused. Going forward we will only buy reusable fabric for wrapping.
  7. We will provide reusable bags for supplier deliveries such as our regular laundry delivery.
  8. Small-scale women farmers, POC women producers and women-owned businesses will be our preferred suppliers.
  9. We will be mindful of quantities when placing our orders not to over order and create unnecessary waste.
  10. All food packaging at events is limited to the bare minimum and when used, it will be biodegradable.
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