10 Cakes X 10 Womxn X 10 Weeks

To celebrate women’s month, we started a project where we surprised 10 womxn with 10 cakes over 10 weeks. Each element from flavours, icing and toppings were custom-designed and considered and made entirely in-house by Marolize.
The womxn we chose, and their cakes, were:

Our content editor, Jess Spiro, for her culinary inspiration.

Sumien Brink, publishing doyenne and close friend of Studio H, for her endless support and inspiration

Marsh-Lee Marang, a security officer at 19 Bree street, who keeps things running smoothly and safely at HQ at all times.

Claire and Faith, creative geniuses and long time collaborators at Hoick design studio.

Vuvu and Shiela, for keeping us in check and our office spick and span.

The female-powered team at Eat Out magazine and Food 24, who have partnered with us in the past.

Alix-Rose Cowie, all-round creative talent who works closely with Studio H

Sanet and Nadia from VM Central, who help make our design dreams come true

Tracy-Lee Lynch, who makes serious design magic happen

Marije Vogelzang, future food expert who’s endlessly supported Studio H and inspires us every day.

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