Office Lunch Club

Desk lunches are often a little sad and uninspired and they’re particularly worse when the shared work kitchen isn’t kitted out properly and you can’t even microwave that leftover spag bol. Fueled by poorly-stocked office kitchens and underwhelming work lunches, we were inspired to create a series we called “Office Lunch Club” whereby we hacked basic office supplies to make kitchen tools to help make lunchtime that bit more creative and inspiring. 

We made the following items:
A grater, using cardboard, glue and staples.
Whisk, using paper clips, a pencil and tape.
Mini tongs, using spoons, tape and a bulldog clip.
Herb slicer, using whiteboard markers and scissors.
Frying pan, using a jar lid, ruler, bulldog clip and tape.
Mini burner, using an apple, string and cardboard.

We came up with the concept, produced the tools as well as the instructional social media videos.

We were originally inspired to create the Office Lunch Club as a guide to negotiating load shedding during lunch hour and inspire office citizens to bring some life back to desk lunches. Watch the 5 part lunch-tool making instruction video series here.

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Mobile version of the site is currently being uploaded