Salad 2.0

For Chips #5 Ugly we created the Salad 2.0

3D printing could be a perfect vehicle to reduce food waste. To experiment with the medium, we designed Salad 2.0. We cooked down a batch of unconventional-looking fruit and veg that would have normally gone to waste into concentrated vegetable or fruit purees. We added gelatine to allow us to print the concentrate into a range of 3D, colourful jelly shapes high in nutritional content. Imagine serving these to children who don’t want to eat their fruit and veg 🙂

Studio H Fruit salad

Salad 2.0

This face of jellies contains the recommended daily allowance (RDA) of fruits and vegetables on one plate.


1 cartridge (50ml) of juiced ugly apple
1 cartridge of pureed ugly strawberries
1 cartridge of pureed ugly tomato
1 cartridge of pureed ugly carrot
1 cartridge of pureed ugly baby marrow

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