S/Zout Pantry

S/Zout Pantry is a project inspired by research into produce that can be grown with sea water as fresh water becomes an ever-more precious resource. In our imagined future pantry we have things like pickled green strawberries, carrot ketchup, cabbage marshmallows and seaweed crisps. The pantry items, in packaging designed in collaboration with Hoick, will form part of the permanent collection at The MAK Museum of Applied Arts in Vienna and will travel through Canada with The Dutch Institute of Food & Design’s exhibition Edible Futures, curated by Marije Vogelzang.  

S/Zout Pantry - Seaweed Crisps

S/Zout Pantry - Carrot, Strawberry, Cabbage, Lettuce ketchup

S/Zout Pantry - Seawater Cabbage

S/Zout Pantry - Carrot Flour

S/Zout Pantry - Cabbage Marshmallow

S/Zout Pantry - Carrot Loops

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