Woolworths Personal Care

As a celebration of the new products within Woolworths innovative body care range, we were asked to create an experience where guests could interact with the products in an interesting, immersive way. To do this, we looked at the individual ingredients that make up the range as inspiration for installations that engaged all five senses.
As personal care is about looking after the body and the soul, the event space was divided accordingly. In the body room, we set up 4 immersive pods that allowed the products to shine. Guests could opt to receive a pampering treatment that incorporated these products, for example we set up a sea salt and wood sage Zen-garden-style installation where guests would rake the salt therapeutically. In the soul room guests could opt for an energising or relaxing experience. Those who chose to be energised were invited to jump on a trampoline into a fresh herb cloud. The relaxing option allowed guests to lie down, put on headphones with a soothing melody and look up at cloud projections. There was also an edible scent station inspired by all the fragrances available in the range.
Studio H developed the concept, made the perfumes, oversaw all production as well as event management

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