XXchange Locker

In celebration of Women’s Month, we launched the XXchange Locker installation at New Media House in Bree Street, Cape Town. The project is in collaboration with our sister publication, FOOD XX, a support network for women in the food and drinks industry in South Africa.
The XXchange Locker acts as a chain of appreciation, where women leave small tokens of inspiration, gratitude or encouragement for one another, and keep spreading the sisterly love by nominating the next wonder women of their choice.
The project was officially launched on August 9th, which is Women’s Day in South Africa. The day was initially made a public holiday to commemorate the day in 1956 when 20 000 women of all races marched to the Union Building to protest Apartheid pass laws. As the day now also represents a symbol of womxn’s continuous fight for equal rights, safety, and equity for women in South Africa, the whole month of August has become known as women’s month. Overwhelmed by the response to the project, the XXchange will run until the end of September.
This is a self-initiated project, and we did all the graphic design, production and PR in-house.
Mobile version of the site is currently being uploaded