Woolworths Mother’s Day

As part of a Mother’s Day gifting campaign for Woolworths, we planned and produced four in-store activations that ran simultaneously in four stores across three cities (Cape Town, Johannesburg and Durban) over two days on Mother’s Day weekend.

The concept comprised flower carts offering a service to professionally wrap your bouquet in one of three custom-made wrapping papers. There were three designated floral arrangements that corresponded with a specific personality trait associated with mothers. These three traits were strong, inspiring and warm. In collaboration with Blomboy, Studio H created three different wrapping papers, designed to represent each floral bouquet and personality. This allowed customers to add something unique and personalised to their Mother’s day gifts.

Studio H designed the artwork, produced, managed and staffed the four in-store activations that ran concurrently in Cape Town, Joburg and Durban over the weekend.

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