FOOD XX:Womxn in Food Awards Nominations

FOOD XX will  be honouring womxn food makers, producers, writers, educators and change makers alike in the following categories:

To nominate, someone (or yourself) simply complete the nomination form:

*Giving Back Award — Change-makers who are enriching the community through food and drink. We are honouring individuals and large- and small-scale social enterprise initiatives.

*Front of House Award — Sommeliers, managers, waiters, maître d’s and everything in between.

* In the Kitchen Award — Celebrating all womxn working in kitchens (big and small) around the country.

*Alcohol Award – All the shakers and stirrers, winemakers, brewers and spirit creators raising our glasses.

*Fresh Voices in Food Award — Celebrating the bloggers, Instagrammers and journalists we turn to when we’re hungry for food stories.

*Farming Award — From food growing to animal husbandry and urban gardening, this one is for the soil sisters.

*Entrepreneurs Award — From agri-preneurs to restaurateurs, this award pays tribute to the passionate and innovative pioneers who are redefining food in the way we grow it, make it, sell it and eat it.

*Food Stylists Award — This is for the visionaries shaping how we look at food.

*Food Heritage Award — For the guardians preserving and growing the provenance of our rich food culture.

*Food Educator Award— For the teachers and mentors dedicated to sharing knowledge and encouraging future innovators.

*Sustainability Award — This award celebrates the modern-day Demeter committed to helping us rethink and protect every part of the food chain from animal welfare to fair labour practices and environmental preservation.

*Future Food Award — for the solution-driven visionaries challenging our approach to food in a quest to create a sustainable food future.

*Food Icon Award — Food is sustenance, food is health, food is culture. This award honours the custodians of all that is food.

*Bakers Award – For all the real bread bakers, pastry chefs and pioneering cake-makers.

*Secret Ingredient Award – To the unsung pioneers and formidable forces/talents behind some of South Africa’s much-loved food and drink brands.

Deadline for submissions is 31st of January 2020.


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