Waterless Dinner for Earth Hour

On March 24th, Studio H teamed up with the V&A Waterfront, The Table Bay Hotel and Spier to create a beautiful and important dinner to acknowledge Earth Hour. The idea was to highlight the most pressing conservation challenges we currently face such as access to renewable energy, freshwater resources and habitat degradation.
The dinner was based on the S/ZOUT project that Studio H started in 2017, working with Salt Farm Texel in the Netherlands exploring the possibilities of seawater in agriculture.
For the dinner, Studio H developed a series of water saving recipes using ingredients such as camel’s milk, ostrich eggs, and produce successfully grown using saline water.
We used The Consol Solar Jar™ and UV torches to light the dinner over Earth Hour. Special highlights included repurposed plastic water bottles as wine ‘glasses’ and a dessert installation made of jelly that glows under UV light.
Studio H continues to do research for S/ZOUT.


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