Woolworths Mall Of Africa Activation

The Living Juice Bar is an installation that lives in the shopfront of the brand new WOOLWORTHS SA store at the Mall of Africa. The juice bar is activated by messaging an emoji (pineapple, apple or tangerine) of the juice that you would like to order, with the option to add a secret ingredient (spekboom) to your juice. Juices are collected in-store at a pick-up point. Chef Ash Heeger prepared a special waste to table menu from juice bar pulp for the opening night. The Living Juice Bar was built in collaboration with the following partners: Industrial engineering and design: Thingking Production: Klara Van Wyngaarden 3-D drawings and design: Kinsmen Collective Farming: Positive Cycle Organic Gardening Project Management and Concept: Studio H Senior Project Manager: Maryke van Lill, Studio H Waste to table menu: Ash Heeger.




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